The South African Flag

The colours and the design of the flag unites different elements of the past: of the former flag and the colours of the ANC and other liberation movements. The colours have different meanings: the green in the middle symbolizes fertility and is the colour of hope: that different ways may lead us together and we become truly one nation.

South African Flag

Red for blood
Blue for open blue sky
Green for the land


for the black people
white for the european
yellow for the natural resources eg. gold
Y symbolizes the merging nationalities eg. unity vonvergence an going forward as one unified nation of previously desperate groups in South Africa.
  white and blue colours were taken from colours of the Boer Republics
  The Yellow, black and green taken from the ANC Flag


The meaning attached to the colours of the SA Flag as outlined above are not official, although they are accepted as such in some quarters. The choice in colours when desining the flag arose from their use in the past of flags in this country.

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