Franciscan Spirituality  The church San Damiano,
 which Francis rebuilt with his own hands

Our Charism originates from Francis who was a rich young man and was called by God in difficult times with a message from the Cross
               “REBUILD MY CHURCH”.

The “Prayer of Peace” is influenced by his spirituality. Within our church he has been the most powerful symbol of how to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ concerning peace and reconciliation to all humanity. He is the only one who went to try to make peace with the Moslems when Christendom was at war with Islam.

SaiSaint Francis preaches to all creationnt Francis chose to live the Gospel in a radical way and to proclaim it to the whole creation. He saw so much in creation that he wrote the “Canticle of Brother Sun”.
This is why in the Church today,on 4th October, we celebrate how good creation is influenced by his spirituality. He loved and respected creation and everyone and he urged his followers to do the same, "witness Christ’s love daily by loving and respecting everyone, including creation and if need be, to preach".