Our formation

Whoever feels called by God to join us in our mission, you are welcome, as long as you have not been with other Congregation before, because unfortunately we dont accept those who have been Sisters from other Congregation, unless if you have been there just to visit and experience their way of life.
Freely get in contact with us in order to experience our community life!

Get in contact:
Young ladies can "Come and See" in different ways:
We invite them to our Provincial House for workshops and those are interested take our contacts details.  They then communicate with our Vocational Promotors wherever they are either by mail, e-mails or calls.
Some see us in parishes when we pay visit or during our home leave. Contacts details are given to those interested and communication starts. Some ask for our details wherever they meet us.
Later on these ladies are invited to come for a longer period, e.g. during school holidays, those who are not engaged in any study or work may come whenever they see it fit.
During this time they experience our way of living and are engaged in small responsibilities. They are free to ask for any explanation or clarification as far as our life style is concerned.

Become a Candidate:
After a young woman has decided to stay with us, she is admitted as a Candidate. She must have completed her 18th year or above. The duration of this stage is one year at our Provincial House.

Become a Postulant:
A Candidate who wishes to be admitted as a Postulant must apply. Certain procedures are followed and only then will she be admitted during a simple ceremony where she receives a cross from us.
This also takes a period of one year in our Provincial House. She is now allowed to visit home for three weeks.

Enter the Noviciate:
The Novitiate lasts two years. During this period of probation the novice is introduced into Religious Life, therefore she is not to be engaged in any studies or duties which may interfere with her basic formation. Depending on the growth shown, noviciate may be two years are there might be six months extation after this two years, this is a canonical given period.


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